Greetings and Welcome

There are about 3000 car manufacturers in the world and we are one of them. Our quest for developing a sustainable and innovative manufacturing technology and environmentally clean with affordable vehicles has taken many years. It all started by recognizing that we all have to contribute towards reduction of carbon emissions and sustainability in vehicle production

EcoCa has carried out extensive multinational feasibility studies in order to identify our customers, respond to their requirements and connect with them. In direct response, we have carried out Research & Development in engineering a range of light weight, two seater, automatic, convertible, zero emissions, affordable and front traction vehicles with minimum cost of maintenance

Our range of electric vehicles is addressed to 34% of urban commuters driving around 10 miles/16 Kilometres/day. In London, 50.3% of people live in apartments and don't have access to street recharging stations. We are developing the next generation of EVs with light weight portable lithium batteries.

Many years of R & D has culminated in sourcing and engineering a fast Modular Manufacturing Technology (MMT) where for the first time in the world, our automotive manufacturing lines can be powered 100% by Renewable Energy. And in conformity with EC directives EcoCa is nearly 100% recyclable. Each MMT is able to produce 20 cars in 8 hours.

Many millions of people around the globe have to commute every day and we have responded to their demands by manufacturing a range of vehicles that have true zero or negligible emissions, while minimising the cost of commuting and maintenance. All in the safety of light weight quadri-cycle vehicles.

Our vision in mass production of EcoCa vehicles is not only for commuters in developing nations but also for those in the developed world who wish to make no frills, responsible commuting with long term commitment to reduction of carbon emissions and protection of our environment for this and future generations.

At EcoCa, we like to believe that we think out side the box, are lateral thinkers and are breaking away from the status quo in engineering. 

We are "Greener all the Way" and our R & D continues.

Enjoy driving your EcoCa.

Kamran M Naghdi