The Management Team and the work force are the foundations of our success in manufacturing top quality vehicles and their dedication and happiness at the work place are of paramount importance to us. 

The cost of housing is a major burden and expense for any work force and their families. In extending our sustainable approach to green manufacturing. EcoCa intends to provide free housing to those members of our team and their families who elect to live in our free housing scheme built next to the factory. It will also help reduce their carbon emissions in commuting from home to work and visa versa. This important and unique facility, will enhance our commitment to reduction in consumption of fossil fuels by our work force in the EcoCa Project, being "Greener All The Way".

For each project, we shall provide special training at our selected suppliers of machinery and provide transfer of technology, complete course of training, vendors lists, interior and external body tools, jigs and fixtures and drawings of steel structures.

Appointment and selection of the work force shall be carried out by our JV partners.

In collaboration with EcoHos Ltd, EcoCa is planning to provide a housing complex adjacent to the manufacturing plant.